New Products

This genteman measures 1-1/2" high.  He is bald, but makes up for the lack of hair on top of his head, with a mustache and beard.  His ... more info
This lady measures 1-1/4" High.  She has on a bright pink, bustled dress, that has an back undertrain in lace.  She has on earrings ... more info
this little blonde girl measures 1" high.  She has a lace pinafore ovr her blue dress and has moveable arms.

Price: $95.00

This painting is a folk art rendering of Tessa, s little girl I am fond of.  The frame was made by Pam Boorum and with it, the painting measures ... more info

Price: $75.00

This Wedgewood Blue Chest measures 3-1/4" Wide x 1-6/8" deep x 2" high.  The sides and top are painted with bouquets of pink and ... more info

Price: $125.00

This Wedgewood Blue day bed measures 6-1/2" long x 3-1/4" wide x 3" high.  The outside ends of the bed are painted with bouquets ... more info

Price: $75.00

This Wedgewood blue bureau measures 2-3/4" High x 3-1/2" Wide x 1-38" deep.  All the drawers and the top are decorated with pink ... more info

Price: $65.00

The Christmas Table meassures3-1/2" W with the skirt width and 2-1/2" H.  The table is dressed in a wine red skirt that has gold ... more info

Price: $65.00

The decorated birthday table measures 3"W x 2-1/2"H.  The cake is wonderfully decorated with little roses and buds against a white ... more info
The three pieces are handpainted a slate blue, each with a nautical theme painted on them.