Teal Bedroom Set


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The 2-sided display box was used to show the furniture in shows, but will be included with the set.  The five painted resin pieces include:  Dresser with doilie on top on which sets a tiny tray with perfume bottles, there is also a tiny framed photo; the mirrored dresser includes a doilie onm which there is a lamp, a brush and handmirror set, serveral perfume bottles; the bed has a lace bedskirt, and a teal bedspread with tiny tulips; the bedside table has a doilie top with a Tiffany shade lamp, a book and little picture.  The shelves have books.  On the wall are various glued plates, and pictures, and on the floor, a printed cloth carper.  The little chair has a cushioned seat in the same material as the bedspread.  The furniture is not glued down, so could be used in other projects, if so desired.