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Welcome to Leigh Herrick Hallowell’s world of dollhouse miniatures. Please browse through the galleries of miniature 1/12 scale hand-painted art; 1/12 scale hand-painted furniture and various accessories; and the gallery of smaller scale miniature furniture and accessories. While Leigh’s main focus is her miniature paintings, she embraces other forms of miniature making, and enjoys creating in different scales, as well. She hopes you will enjoy spending some time looking through her galleries.

Miniature Paintings Gallery

The hand-painted, miniature 1/12 scale paintings are done in various media Including oils, acrylics and water color. The reproductions range from the Old Masters, to primitives and the world of folk art. There may even be some originals from Leigh’s own imagination.

One Twelve Scale Furniture and Accessories Gallery

Some of the hand-painted and, sometimes, handcrafted furniture may reflect a European sensibility, while others that Leigh decorates may have a ‘folk art’ feel to them, capturing scenes done in small medallions on the piece. The accessories are all one-of-a-kind, and may range from hats, purses, and perfume bottles, to jewelry, etc. Other items may be a fully decorated party table, or a quilt on a rack.

Smaller Scale Miniatures Gallery

Leigh really enjoys the creation of smaller scale items – the challenge and creativity that is necessary to capture the essence of a life-size item into a ‘wee’ little one. Most of Leigh’s items are made from scratch, but there will be found some plastic furniture that has been either hand-painted, kit-bashed, or both. Many of the items are accessorized and dressed. One might occasionally find an already filled room box, or building.